Snowboard Yoga Guide

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Download your free snowboard yoga guide below with exclusive tips and videos to help get you started and moving freely on your snowboard.

Yoga helped to take my snowboarding to the next level. With regular practice, I saw huge improvements in my:

  1. Coordination
  2. Balance
  3. Mobility
  4. Endurance
  5. Strength

As a result, my snowboarding got a whole lot better. The 5 areas mentioned above are core to successful snowboarding.

The super cool thing about Yoga is that you can get better at snowboarding not only on the slopes but at home as well by practising! It is one of the easiest and best ways to have more fun on your snowboard.

Download your free Snowboard Yoga guide below 👇

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Fraser Johnston

Founder & Trainer at Watch and Ride
CASI Lvl 3 | Evaluator Lvl 2 | Park Evaluator. After coaching and evaluating "instructor training programs" for several seasons, I fell in love with the science of snowboarding. I believe there is no better way to spend a day, than using your body for sport outside in nature! It is always such a joy to guide and watch people reach their potential on the snow, as well as surpass milestones of what they thought was possible.The goal for Watch & Ride is to create fun and simple Virtual Snowboard Lessons that are available to everyone and conveniently accessible. My wish is to grow the sport and evolve the way people learn to snowboard, ensuring they have fun, stay safe and get the best possible experience on the mountain.

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